Bull's-Eye Broker

Bull's-Eye Broker 4.0

The ideal companion for stock market Point & Figure Charts
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Bull's-Eye Broker is an advanced software package which constructs and maintains stock market Point & Figure Charts. Bull's-Eye Broker is the only software package for the serious point and figure chartist and is also the ideal companion for other technical charting software. Traders and investors all over the world have chosen Bull's-Eye Broker as their preferred stock charting software since 2001.

Point and figure is a simple charting method that follows changes in price in order to let the trader and investor for example analyse the supply and demand - the forces that determine the movement of stock prices - and find clear entry and exit signals needed for successful trading and investing!

The point and figure method is perfect for traders and investors that do not want to make advanced calculations or try to understand the meaning of the thousands of indicators in the usual way too bloated charting software.

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